Vaide history

Vaide company was founded in 1993 by Igor Obodov and Vladimir Gornik. Under the continuous guidance of two partners and friends, who have always been committed to their business for over 20 years, the company successfully grows and develops. In laying the foundation of their business, the partners followed the principle, to which they always adhere:

“We and each of our employees should work so as to be proud of each product we have created!” Igor Obodov.

Vaide was originally designed as a manufacturer of knit underwear. From the very beginning, its underwear product range included two lines: men’s underwear and women’s     underwear. But after some time one of the lines apparently took the lead, thus contributing to the creation of the image of Vaide brand.

During the initial period of its growth, the company sold its products mainly in the Latvian market. First women’s and men’s underwear, bearing Vaide trademark, appeared in the retail store Sakta. In the1990’s, it was the central store for young Latvian manufacturers who have just started their business.

In the 1990’s the company was developing. It was a difficult process, because the company was created from the scratch and not on the basis of some garment manufacturer that existed before. All results were reached by means of huge efforts of its owners and staff and their persistent pursuit of the goal.

Improvement of products and production processes, and market research are invariable priorities of the company owners.

From the late 1990’s, the company started taking its first shy steps in export markets, where Vaide products have gained deserved popularity in a rather short time. At that time the company management understood that without good planning of production processes and development of production capacities their life-work can be endangered.

“In 1997 we realized that we need new production capacities – in the true sense of this word. We needed people, equipment and space in workshops we rented. After discussing the situation, we decided that the time has come to build our own factory.” Vladimir Gornik.

Despite the economic slowdown of 1998, the company kept developing, and bought production facilities in Riga for the new factory. It was a real breakthrough to the future. The company got a chance to increase its production capacities and extend the range of products.

Meanwhile, still more people preferred Vaide as buyers, and,become its loyal customers. The ideology laid as a basis of the product yielded its fruits. Quality of products was often even too high, with prices remaining lower than those on the market. We managed to achieve this correlation by applying a unique system of calculation of manufacturing costs and well-balanced pricing policy, which was created and pursued by the company. The system is fundamental for production planning and calculating of its profitability, being an innovative know-how of Vaide.

“We always tried and will try in the future to use fabrics of the best manufacturers in creating our collections. Our customers deserve the best products.” Igor Obodov.

In 2004, the company started to develop its retail chain, introducing its own trademark. In many respects we were encouraged by our worthy partners, who believed in Vaide as a trademark adequate to operate independently in the retail market. Along with increasing production capacities, the company management started to open its first Vaide stores. A ten-year experience showed that in addition to its underwear collections, the company can be successful also in designing and producing clothing collections. Vaide dresses and blouses immediately won the recognition from all customers. First Vaide clothing catalogues had a “bomb blast effect”.

“Sales results of the first clothing collection, which we have offered our customers, have shown that we were on the right track.” Igor Obodov.

Thanks to a well-coordinated work of highly qualified specialists, each collection reflects the latest tendencies in the world of fashion, each model is created by using the range of the most topical colors of the season. Dresses are a flagman of each new Vaide collection. Special attention is paid to the diversity of models and sizes, as well as quality of fabrics, making each collection a special event eagerly awaited by customers.

At the same time, the extension of the range of products have led to considerable changes in production processes. We had to purchase new equipment and redesign the work system in several departments, as well as to increase the designing and engineering staff. After one year, Vaide produced its outwear collection, which was as good as underwear collections. During the next 10 years, Vaide’s loyal customers witnessed how the “pajama” brand Vaide became a trend-setter in Baltic countries.

 The year 2009 was rather interesting for Vaide. Despite the economic slowdown, Vaide launched its new challenging project. The company had enough potential and experience to present the B2B product in the market. Vaide offered franchise opportunities. The next year it opened a new pilot franchise store in Ukraine, which was followed by stores in Germany and Russia. Now Company has 6 own and 12 franchise stores, and this is just the beginning.