Vaide is the company, which develops and produces its collections. Both Vaide factories, sewing all the brand products, are located in the cities of Riga and Jelgava, Latvia (European Union), which can be historically recognized as the capital cities of the Baltic clothing industry. The succession of sewing tendencies of the region essentially contributed to reaching the highest quality level of finished products. Combined with the current methods of planning and organization of manufacturing, they have advanced the concept of the quality of finished products to the principally new level, which remains unsurpassed even in the countries of Western Europe. The invariable highest quality of goods and excellent client service are the principles, that form a basis of the complex and constantly improve inter-integrated manufacturing system of Vaide.


The key approach in develop its manufacturing processes remains unchanged for 20 years. It is supported by the concept, being an undisputable law for the entire Vaide team – the client’s order. We know that the timely and complete performance of obligations to the client is a guarantee of success of each manufacturer. To be successful, Vaide effectively engages in the production of fabrics and mastering all international sales markets. Our team carries out the quality and service control at all phases of creating the Vaide products. From coloring fabrics and production of threads to the process of sewing and selling to the client – the company controls the quality aspect at all the stages of the lifecycle of goods.


Production planning is based on the market requirements and regional peculiarities of each of  Vaide distributors. Fitting-for-figure designs are developed, involving various consumer focus groups. This is a revolutionary method for the industry, helping reach the highest quality of design for all sizes from XS to XXXL. Vaide has a unique department, which main task is to develop and adapt all manufacturing processes in accordance with the current requirements of the market and technology. All suppliers of raw materials for Vaide products are thoroughly tested and appraised. Vaide collections are created, using fabrics of Italian, French and German manufacturers. The cooperation of Italian and Latvian designers guarantees an excellent performance of collections in the aspects of style and fashion.


All that allows us to state that having once tried Vaide product, you will like it forever, and we will acquire a loyal client.